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Celebrate Today: Women's History Month

This month, we celebrate Womens' History Month. National Women's History Month began as a single week and as a local event. In 1978, Sonoma County, California, sponsored a women's history week to promote the teaching of women's history. The week of March 8th was selected to include International Women's Day. This day is rooted in such ideas and events as a woman's right to vote, a woman's right to work, women's strikes for bread, women's strikes for peace at the end of World War I, and the U.N. Charter declaration of gender equality at the end of World War II. This day is an occasion to review how far women have come in their struggle for equality, peace, and development. In 1981, Congress passed a resolution making the week a national celebration, and in 1987 expanded it to the full month of March. 
At Farnsworth Aerospace, we celebrate this month by marking all the great accomplishments of the many women in aerospace history, such as Katherine Johnson, the NASA research mathematician who calculated the flight trajectories for the first flight into space by hand; Mary Jackson, NASA's first black female engineer; Dorothy Vaughan, NASA's first black supervisor; and Margaret Hamilton, the lead software engineer for the Apollo missions. 
Katherine Johnson
 Mary Jackson Dorothy Vaughan
Margaret Hamilton, NASA software engineer